Erik Burns loves Poto because it helps ground him in the artistic side of things.  Erik likes to jump, soar, play music, and create digital interactive experiences.  Viva las artistas!

Juan Cristóbal Cerrillo is currently working towards his DMA in Composition at Stanford University with Erik Ulman and Brian Ferneyhough. Current and persistent concerns circle around attention to slowness, beauty, presence, the "eternally non-apparent," circling.

Carolyn Chen's recent projects include music for the dark, Hamlet for red fish blue fish, variations on variations by Sweelinck, human windchimes, and an abstract comic book transcription of the Book of Job. She is a PhD composition student at UCSD.
Adrian Coburn is a... Adrian sings

Kwami Coleman is a New York City native, a pianist/percussionist, and a grad. student in musicology. Kwami enjoys very basic, essential things—like the wheel, fire, and the concept of zero.
David Coll is a San Francisco-based composer focusing primarily on small ensemble works. Through ongoing emphasis in notation, the visual, and technology, his works create situations that investigate the physical presence of performers onstage. Through this investigation, sounds, interaction, motion, all are considered as material, and the results vary between what might be considered wholly music, theatre, or some mix of the two.

Andrew Dieck is a poet living in Tivoli, NY. His poems have appeared in Gerry Mulligan and Bard Papers. His book of poems Challenger was awarded the Bard College Written Arts Prize.
Jason Federmeyer received his doctorate in Music Composition from Stanford University in 2009. He currently resides on the San Francisco Peninsula and is the Executive / Artistic Co-Director of the Menlo-Atherton Academy of Contemporary Music.

Evelyn Ficarra is a composer, making music for dance, theater, film, installations, and the concert hall. Preoccupations: sound, gesture, objects; line, mass; voice, words. Listening. Here she is peering at her computer.

Heather Gordon from California, mostly. and Ohio. write poems, and make small books of poems. Also scientific illustration, medical writing. On good days, play songs, video. Long walks, thunderstorms. weather, in general. etc. Poto in the summertime. Thanks
Brian Griffeath-Loeb At this point in my life, I’m spending most of my time working on or thinking about music. Composing is what I'd call my first love, but I also enjoy teaching, writing, organizing, and fundraising. I’m a sometimes painter, performance artist, and very occasional poet. I have a meditation practice that keeps me sane(ish). Backpacking in the Sierras with my uncle helps too. Recent obsessions: Morton Feldman, Neil Young, Dennis Hopper’s The Last Movie, Peter Greenaway shorts (thanks Poto!).
Nick Hoff is a writer, translator, and bookseller. His translations of Friedrich Hölderlin's Odes and Elegies were published by Wesleyan University Press in December, 2008; he has also published translations in Telos, The Journal of Modern History, and other journals. Nick studied philosophy at Yale University.
Maia Ipp is assistant editor at City Lights Publishers and teaches in the creative writing program at the School of the Arts in San Francisco. Maia studied at UC Santa Cruz and in Paris, France, where she also worked in a bookshop, and began translating literary texts from French.
Tania Lanfer is a composer and pianist from Sao Paulo, Brazil. After finishing her undergraduate course at the University of São Paulo majoring in Piano Performance (2005), she lived for six months in Berlin, Germany, where she was a guest student in the Elektronische Studio at the Technische Universität (2006). She lived for two years at Stanford (California, USA), studying composition primarily with Erik Ulman. Currently she is doing her Masters Degree and PhD in Music Composition at UCSD (University of California, San Diego) studying primarily with Roger Reynolds. She likes sounds, films, books, people, and Nutella.

Michelle Lou is a composer and bass player currently living in San Francisco. She's a doctoral student at Stanford University but secretly wants to drop everything to play electric guitar in a band. But if that doesn't work out, she also cooks.
Michael Newton is a writer focusing in poetry who lives deep in the woods.

Bruno Ruviaro is a composer and pianist from São Paulo, Brazil, was born in 1976, and has lived in 21 different places: Rua Theodureto Souto, Rua Cajati, Casa do Seu Demétrio, Rua São Borja, Rua James Adam, Alameda dos Uirapurus, Avenida Modesto Fernandes, Avenida Santa Izabel, Rua Nuno Álvares Pereira, Rua Prof. Djalma Bento, Rua Dr. Nestor Esteves Natividade, Rua Major Diogo, North Park Street, Jericho Street, Olmsted Road, Thoburn Court, Comstock Circle, Via Parma, Rue de l'Hôtel de Ville, Greenoaks Drive, Miramar Street.
Paola Santoscoy (b. 1974, Mexico City) is a curator and writer on contemporary art. She recently graduated from the MA in Visual and Critical Studies Program at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, and is currently working with artists Melanie Smith and Rafael Ortega in the production of a new film taking place in Xilitla, San Luis Potosí, Mexico.
Marcia Scott

...because a breeze can define you.

Alex Sigman (b. 1980) is a composer of ensemble, electracoustic, and cross-disciplinary works,
residing in San Francisco for the moment. Among his current projects is a cycle of pieces for myriad chamber ensembles and electronics revolving about Manchester-based writer Jeff Noon’s cyberpunk science fiction novel VURT. As a complement to his composing and teaching, he is Co-Editor of the Search Journal for New Music and Culture ( and Managing Director of the
Netherlands-based Ensemble Modelo62 (

Jeff Treviño lives in Berlin and takes an interest in ecstatic experience of every kind. Built upon musical composition, his current work conflates music, typography, generative video art, and fluxus. He continues to pursue his doctorate in the department of music at the University of California, San Diego.
Erik Ulman is a composer; he teaches at Stanford and is co-director of Poto. Here he is at El Eco in Mexico City.

Ann Unju Yi, pianist



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